The recovery of the joints and pain relief

Gel in sachet Hondrogel

Gel in sachet Hondrogel

In order to Hondrogel

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Hondrogel - a new effective tool for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints. Form - gel bag.

The recovery of the joints and pain relief at affordable prices

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Doctor's recommendations

Dr. Ivan
Surgeon, rheumatologist, high category, candidate of medical Sciences
15 years
Hondrogel the gel is packaged in sachets to combat diseases of the joints. Gel a positive effect with arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, arthritis and other joint problems. To relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, regenerates joint tissue. Exchange - application - contribute to the proper recovery. I recommend to my patients hondrogel the primary means for prevention or at the first symptoms of the disease, such as an extra present for the diagnosis of the original or far. We in Croatia can be ordered from the gel through the official website.

Hondrogel - restoration of the joints and pain relief. Form - gel bag. Pack contains 10 pieces dose disposable. Convenient to carry with you always, to the sudden occurrence of acute pain in the joints. The gel contains active ingredients of natural origin. Does not cause side effects, allergies. Consumer reviews confirm the manufacturer properties of the gel.

It is important to know! Buy Hondrogel In croatia only from the official website. No advance payment is required. Beware of fakes and scams. The price of the original gel and delivery costs with the exception 287Kn. Country Of Origin - Latvia.

Gel bag Hondrogel - indications, dosage

Pain and restore joint mobility Hondrogel gel bag

First gel on the joints Hondrogel designed for outdoor use in the diagnosis of the disease:

This list also includes other diseases and their variants that Weaken the musculoskeletal system of the body, joints and limbs of man.

The purpose of the treatment of the disease at an early stage of development there is enough in the basic course to use the gel morning and evening, for 5 days continuously. In the treatment of disease in advanced stage or chronic nature, of course, can add. Daily use up to 3-4 times, course duration-minimum one month.

All doctors and researchers in the medical field agree that prevention is the best way to treat any disease. Therefore, the gel Hondrogel effective not only in treatment, as well as prevent the development of the above mentioned and similar diseases. Block rate application is 10 days, once at night. It is possible to increase prevention of course, without a diagnosis, but if symptoms are detected.

gel sachets for the treatment of joint pain Hondrogel

Symptoms and reasons for using the gel Hondrogel:

In addition, some diseases of the joints (eg. osteoporosis) occur completely asymptomatic. The use of the gel Hondrogel it is recommended, when the elderly and the young boys and girls of 25 years. The causes of the disease can be very different. It is a permanent sedentary work (office workers), continuous exercise (at the risk of the led-class athletes, runners, bodybuilders), chronic predisposition, old age.

What is the impact Hondrogel is the body effect 7 1:

  1. Instant pain relief
  2. To get rid of bloating
  3. Removal of the inflammatory process
  4. The destruction and prevention of infection
  5. Regeneration of both bone and cartilage tissue
  6. Normalizes the synovial fluid
  7. To interrupt the degenerative processes.

The composition of the main active components and natural extracts

Synthetic collagen and hyaluronic acid has the same properties as their natural counterparts. Relieves swelling, strengthens, moisturizes and gives elasticity and cartilage tissue in the joints, to prevent rubbing, still training the crunch and pain. Hyaluronic acid improves the quality of synovial fluid and its quantity at the required level. Collagen strengthens bone tissue.

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane, - having regard to the lack of organic sulphur in the body, which prevents arthritis and its symptoms (pain, muscle spasm, swelling, tissue damage to the joint).

Chondroitin and glucosamine. Complexes of these two substances prevent the breakdown of cartilage and regenerates damaged tissue. Eliminates pain, swelling, numbness. Strengthens the structure of tendons, ligaments, cartilage.

effective medicine for pain and vosstanovlenii joints based on natural ingredients Hondrogel

Flower extract Arnica Montana is an effective natural component in the fight against arthritis and rheumatism. Improve blood circulation, restore joint flexibility. Relieve muscle tension.

Devil's claw extract - an integral part of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To reduce swelling, pain, inflammation. To improve mobility.

Resin extract, Indian frankincense - reduces the cartilage and the occurrence of the corresponding disease. To slow down the destruction of cartilage tissue and start the repair process. Effectively relieve pain and reduce swelling.

In addition, the composition of the bag Hondrogel includes fat shark, with a large number of useful joints minerals. Copper, iron and zinc along with vitamins A, D, E their part to relieve the pain, inflammation and regeneration of joint tissue.

Research and clinical testing results

Gel joints Hondrogel passed the necessary clinical trials and testing, the participants were divided into groups according to age and depending on the stage of the disease. After two weeks, daily use in the morning and in the evening, researchers have shown approximately the same results in all groups. The results were the following:


Instant relief from pain in joints and muscles, reduces swelling


Removal of the inflammatory process and the presence of infection


Start the recovery process of cartilage and bone tissue


Slows down the degenerative joint deterioration

how to remove pain and restore mobility of joints is still the gel pouch Hondrogel

How to order low price and delivery the city

You can order the original bag Hondrogelorder it from the official website. Fill in the blank fields of a special form, stating your name and phone number. Wait to call the store Manager to get the necessary advice. Upon confirmation of the order, You need to provide your address to receive the package.

Please note that all personal data you provide are completely confidential and will not be shared.

Delivery - additional information:

  1. Delivery is not included in the price of the gel depends on the address received. Call when ordering
  2. Delivery time - from two to seven days, the region - Croatia, all cities
  3. Payment Hondrogel when receiving a package in the mail.

To book Sasha Hondrogel - fix for its unique and innovative formula of the Latvian pharmaceutical company. The gel helps to make the first step to his former active life and lay a solid foundation for movement in!

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