Experience in the use of Hondrogel

In my experience Hondrogel if the damage to the knee

Hey! My name is Alba. Today I decided to share a bad story that happened to my seventeen year old son Archie, and leave feedback tool, which helped him to recover. To live with him in Barcelona. The son studies at University, in parallel wants to be a football player. Childhood is an avid runner, participating in marathons running and Cycling, visiting the regularly part of football. Three months ago, accidentally fell from the bike, badly injured right leg.

Effective gel for healing the joints Hondrogel - user experience

In the hospital the following research by the expert's conclusion: "Complete lateral luxation of the patella". Trauma surgeon prescribed for the treatment, recommended medications, including other means for external application. A special gel bag joints Hondrogel. Said, that the gel is produced according to the innovative formula of the Latvian pharmaceutical company, which not only stops pain, but also helps to speed recovery from joint, to prevent complications and the development of infection.

So, you tell me what this means, where to buy and at what price, how to use and use.

Hondrogel - restoration of the joints and pain relief

First learned what this means, read consumer reviews. I found the following. Hondrogel - universal gel for joints, muscles and tendons, which are intended for immediate relief from pain, reduce swelling, restore the damaged joint, infections and inflammation. Used in various diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, etc.), stretching the tendons, the tension in the muscles. There is a high-performance application injuries (fractures, dislocations). Of course, the application of the gel promotes regeneration of both bone and cartilage tissues.

It consists of collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients that are known worldwide for their potent properties for the treatment of joints. Arnica Montana, devil's root, essential oils of mint and eucalyptus, shark oil.

Where to buy and at what price, how to use

It turned out that in our country Hondrogel not for sale, and can only be purchased from the official website. I immediately placed an order for six bags. I could well spare, thanks to -50%. Got boy the package three days later in the mail home.

The use of the gel in the healing of the joints and pain relief Hondrogel - before and after

The use of the gel easily, like any cream. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy trace on the skin. Massage movements rubbed into the area of the knee dislocation. Every morning and evening for one month. The doctor repeated the same course in two weeks.

Print using and your opinion about the tool

The gel is immediately alleviated. Allergy is not. Within a week the swelling was gone. Months later, a medical examination and x-rays showed significant improvement. Worn inflammation. Last week I did the final inspection and x-rays. Patella back into place. Not detect the infection. A positive result. Three months later, the boy is fully recovered from injury.

I came to the conclusion that Hondrogel really effective. The quality matches the price. I highly recommend it. I hope my review is useful and will help many people to solve common problems.

Re-attach the original image of a gel photo of patellar luxation before and after treatment.