Reviews about Hondrogel

  • Sandra
    Hondrogel appointed to the surgeon than to prevent the disease progression of osteoarthritis. Complained of pain in the right knee joint. Used the gel every night for 10 days. Satisfied with the result. What the pain is completely forgotten, do not feel the previous discomfort. Doctors sometimes use gel for the prevention.
  • Ivana
    Age is not the first suffering from chronic arthritis. To maintain health, is to take special medication. In addition, use the gel hondrogel. It is convenient to carry. The tool is good, I'm glad. Use every night before sleep and during the day, if you experience severe pain. Help! I highly recommend it.
  • Davor
    Because the use of hondrogel Forget the pain and periodic discomfort in the joints. The first time you use daily two times a day, morning and evening for two weeks. Now I use only once a day to maintain joints normal. I feel great. The gel helps. I recommend!
  • Martina
    Help instantly relieve pain. To improve mobility. The bag is good to take. Gymnastics has several contusions and bruises on the knee and elbow joints. The therapist recommended to apply hondrogel, to avoid complications after the second blow to the knee or other joints. The price corresponds to quality.
  • Zoran
    Pleased with the purchase. The operator politely advised told to use the gel. Delivery received after three days. Hondrogel used as an additional tool in the treatment of bursitis. For ten days, morning and evening. Now don't feel the previous pain, swelling over. Yesterday was on reception at the doctor, he confirmed to improve my condition.
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